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The Wild Orchid, 1997

About Us

The Orchid, formerly The Wild Orchid started in 1996. Jennifer White worked for the previous owner who was talking about selling, she was only 24 but had worked in the restaurant business since 15. So she took a chance and invested all she had in this little restaurant. Jennifer had a good staff that stayed with her for many years, the business grew with every year that passed. They focused on serving the locals and the average working person. Keeping their prices low and portions big. The Wild Orchid became the most popular place to meet and eat in all of Thornbury, especially known for their all day breakfast and bottomless coffee.
The Orchid Restaurant, Thornbury, ON
In 2004 the lease was up for renewal, and the Toronto based landlord had made arrangements to sell the property to Tim Horton’s. The entire contents of the restaurant were sold off in yard sale fashion, many things given away to locals as memorabilia.

Two and a half years later, Jennifer was approached by a local business owner. He and his wife had decided to close their business known as The Thornbury Mini Mart. Fate had spoken and The Orchid was making a come back. The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive. Many of the staff wanted to return to work at The Orchid leaving their present jobs. 
Interior of The Orchid Restaurant
After three months of extensive renovations, the installation of a brand new kitchen and passing all the inspections; the doors were opened on January 15th 2007.

In our first week we cooked over a thousand meals!

On Mother's Day of 2012, we relocated one more time to our current location, which is almost exactly where we started back in '97!

Featuring as always, quality food at a fair price served with a smile.
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